Mold, which is a general term for assorted fungi, holds its positives — after all, it helped give birth to penicillin — but it has no place inside your property.

Not only can mold become an unsightly blight, but it can also pose significant health threats to you, your family, your employees or even your guests with prolonged exposure. Mold can accumulate anywhere with excessive moisture buildup, including but not limited to:

  • Shower stalls
  • Behind drywall
  • Roof leaks
  • Underneath carpets
  • Air ducts
  • Window creases
  • Pipes
  • Anywhere with flood damage

If you happen to notice or suspect mold growth anywhere in your building, you should be aware of all the possible consequences it might hold beyond aesthetics, as well as what you can do to rid yourself of it.

What Are the Health Risks of Mold in Your Home or Business?

Many indoor molds can smell terribly with age, but that’s scratching the surface of their negatives. The Environmental Protection Agency has conducted multiple reports that confirm that all molds have the potential to cause “ill health.”

Symptoms can wildly vary from person to person because various kinds of mold will affect people who hold different sensitivities, which can make diagnosis difficult. Areas that molds have been known to affect include:

  • Vascular: Blood vessel fragility, as well as tissue hemorrhaging
  • Respiratory: Breathing issues and lung and throat infections. Asthma and excessive coughing have also been reported.
  • Skin: Rashes, sloughing and dryness
  • Reproductivity: Infertility and changes in reproductive cycles
  • Digestive: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hemorrhaging, liver damage, necrosis and fibrosis
  • Neurological: Tremors, memory loss, visions, headaches and depression

In the worst-case scenario, toxigenic molds can spawn deathly threats. These types carry mycotoxins, which transfer immunosuppressants and carcinogens that can lead to long-term — and perhaps terminal — sickness.What Can You Do to Prevent Mold?

The idea of being sickened by this silent affliction can be incredibly scary, but there’s a lot you can do to eradicate it from your life.

Again, most molds respond vigorously to high moisture levels, so be sure to regulate the humidity in your home to comfortably dry. Proper ventilation and a dehumidifier can significantly aid in this endeavor.

Additionally, fix any leaks you find throughout your house immediately. Check throughout your attic, basement and other problem areas, like any place that has windows. If you experience a summer storm that floods your home, you need to thoroughly clean and dry every affected aspect. Professionals services are available for these issues.

While these are all good strategies to prevent mold growth, they won’t do much good if the process has already taken firm root. If you’re concerned it has grown beyond easy control, you’ll need to find a professional that can handle that removal safely and efficiently.

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