If unchecked, mold will grow in any location that experiences a lot of moisture, as well as darkness and warmth.

Plenty of different spots in your home create the perfect storm for growth, and you’ll most often see mold and mildew within rooms like the kitchen and bathroom — both high-moisture areas. Generally, these areas can be somewhat natural to notice, but you might not even think of some other locations.

Here are six different places where mold can subtly grow in your home.

1. Refrigerator Drip Pans

Your drip pan can be an unsung hero over time, as it will accumulate water and food spills over time without you even noticing. It’s for that reason why they’re so prone to mold growth. You would benefit from wiping down that area, as well as other spots in your fridge, with a sham and a disinfectant wipe to properly clean it all up. Spray the item with a cleaning solution, like hydrogen peroxide, to eliminate any potential cultures.

2. Window Sills and Frames

Stark contrasts in temperature on the interior and exterior of your home most often appear through the form of condensation, which creates excessive wetness. On top of that, untouched dust and dirt can provide further fuel for mold once it has developed.

If the moisture reaches the inside window seal or another part of the frame, mold can develop quickly. Wipe down those areas whenever you notice an advanced buildup of moisture.

3. Washing Machine

Washing machines, especially front-loading ones, see plenty of moisture on any given use, and their designs don’t lend well to mold prevention. Their gaskets leave a lot of room for water buildup, and those pools can’t often dry because of how rarely we leave the doors open.

You can help to prevent future growths by wiping down the glass and the gasket. If you want to ensure no mold sets its home up, you can dump a diluted bleach solution into the machine and run the clean cycle while empty.

4. Air Conditioners and HVAC Systems

Air conditioners not only extract moisture from the air, but they also trap a lot of dirt and pollen through their filters. While running regularly, you shouldn’t be too concerned about cultivation thanks to their constant cycles, but leaving long intervals between run times can cause problems due to extended exposure to humidity and warmth.

Your best method of prevention is repetition, so be sure to run the system for at least 10 minutes every day.

5. Chimneys

Chimneys have experienced a revival in mainstream culture thanks to their ability to create cozy, appealing atmospheres. Unfortunately, if you have a traditional brick fireplace, you run the risk of seeing mold proliferation. The crevices between individual bricks can collect a great deal of dust, dirt and moisture.

If you want to prevent these occurrences, you can hire a chimney sweep to conduct a thorough cleaning.

6. Cosmetics

Lip balms and cosmetics often sit in the bathroom, where high levels of moisture usually reside. You can inadvertently trap water within the sealed caps, which only worsens the situation.

You’ll want to be diligent when searching for mold on these products because it can place you in danger if you have a mold allergy or sensitivity. Check your cosmetics at least once every couple weeks to scan for foreign substances.

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