Many people often regard the kitchen as the heart of the home, and that should lead to an increased focus on its cleanliness and overall condition.

It often takes a lot of work, too, as kitchens are susceptible to all kinds of grime and, perhaps worst of all, mold. If you’re not careful, you could see unsightly splotches mar your ambiance and endanger your family’s health.

With the right preparation and a thorough approach, you can keep fungus from ever rearing its ugly head within your home. Here are five tips to help you out with kitchen mold prevention.

1. Keep the Area Dry

Kitchens are usually moister than other rooms in the house due to all the washing and cooking that occurs. That moisture helps to create an optimal environment for mold, which thrives on damp conditions to propagate.

You can help to reduce the room’s overall moisture by opening up windows whenever possible, as it will help to improve ventilation. Exhaust fans will also contribute to that purpose.

2. Use Mold-Resistant Paint

Modern paint-mixing processes have given birth to advantageous innovations, and that includes mold prevention. These paints, which you can find in most home improvement stores, have additives that increase resiliency to water, therefore reducing mold risk. While it’s not invincible, this kind of paint will improve durability while adding some valued visual appeal to your kitchen.

3. Clear Out Rotting Food

Unfortunately, we’ve all forgotten that bread on top of the fridge or that container of leftover packed away deep on the inside. Mold can sprout quickly on rotten food without you noticing. It would help if you cleaned out your fridge, cabinets and other spaces at least once per week to ensure you don’t forget about anything.

4. Minimize Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs add decorative value to kitchens, as well as comfortable places to stand when parked in front of the stove or sink for long periods of time. However, it’s better to go without those shaggy accessories, if you can help it. Carpets and rugs are mold magnets, as they are porous surfaces that easily trap copious amounts of moisture. No matter how much you vacuum them or hang them out to dry, you might never get all of the dampness out, making them risks for mold growth.

5. Regularly Inspect Walls and Cabinets

You might invest in the mold-resistant paint and periodically clean out your cabinets, but it would be beneficial to conduct thorough inspections once in a while, too. Mold can manifest itself in crowded, hard-to-reach spaces, so it never hurts to go that extra mile when going through your cleaning routine.

Trust Haven Property Solutions With Mold Removal and Care in Your Kitchen

If some mold has managed to get the jump on you, don’t fret. While it can be difficult to remove with home methods, you can believe in Haven Property Solutions to eliminate any mold buildup within your kitchen. We employ fully certified and trained experts who assist customers throughout the Hudson Valley, so don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation. Contact us today to learn more about our services!