Mold holds the potential to ruin your bathroom in more ways than one. From health risks to structural damage, you can suffer from a range of consequences if you don’t frequently tend to arguably the moistest places in your home.

It’s not easy, either, as dozens of places can be breeding grounds for fungi that do not easily leave once they set up shop. If you need help with this maintenance, here are five tips on how to prevent mold in the bathroom.

1. Clean Your Walls and Stall Whenever Possible

Most people take showers either in the morning when they’re getting ready for work or at night when they’re settling in for bed. In both scenarios, very few of us are thinking about scrubbing down the walls and shower stall to prevent future mold infestations.

That said, you can benefit tremendously from rubbing down those soaking wet areas with a good squeegee, which will help to reduce moisture in the room by up to 75 percent. You can also spray down walls and tub liners with specialized cleaners to eliminate any traces of mold before it develops.

2. Routinely Check for Leaks

Your shower is hardly the only source of excess moisture within your bathroom. Leaks in your sink piping and the toilet can pose significant problems if left unattended. Moisture will accumulate, and mold will quickly take hold. Scan for these leaks periodically and fix them as necessary, either by hand or by calling a plumber.

3. Invest in a Good Exhaust Fan

Improved ventilation is critical for preventing mold and mildew everywhere in the home, and that’s especially true in the bathroom. Not only does a good exhaust fan keep your mirror defogged, but it also sucks out a great deal of moisture. It would be best if you run your fan throughout your time in the shower, as well as 30 minutes afterward to maximize moisture removal.

You can also open windows to stimulate and expand airflow.

4. Waterproof Your Flooring

Tile is easily the most popular floor type for bathrooms, as its water-resistant. That said, cracks in the sealant, or the grout, can become nearly impossible breeding grounds to clean out. If you notice cracks or discolorations in your tile’s grout lines, you should waterproof them with a sealant at least once per year to prevent mold in your bathroom.

5. Regularly Wash Rugs and Towels

Cloth-based accessories like rugs and towels are often necessary for bathrooms, as you’ll use them to dry off and absorb access water drippage that finds the floor. These items are hotbeds for mold, as they’re highly porous, wet and warm. You can prevent them from becoming troublesome by putting them through the wash at least once per week.

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Meticulous care will dramatically cut down on the chances of mold forming in your bathroom, but even the most prudent of us fall victim to the fungus sometimes. If you’re worried about what a bathroom mold spot has the potential to become, Haven Property Solutions will help to quickly and efficiently fix the problem. Our trained, certified technicians will assist residential and professional clients throughout Hudson Valley.

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