Environmental Solutions

At Haven Property Solutions, we’re not only the most trusted, reliable and knowledgeable full-service abatement specialists throughout Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess and Orange County, NY — our team is also the leading company for providing environmentally friendly remediation solutions in the area.

For over 20 years, our highly trained and skilled team of professionals has provided Orange County with environmental services has worked with a wide variety of home and business owners — including healthcare buildings, industrial facilities, corporate locations and educational and government buildings — to create clean and safe environments for productive operations and comfortable living. We specialize in a wide range of environmental abatement services, including asbestos removal, air duct cleaning, lead paint removal and mold remediation.

When you trust the experts at Haven Property Solutions for your remediation and abatement services, you’re guaranteed comprehensive solutions with compliance to all federal regulations, state laws and the latest industry standards. Our team is proud to guarantee reliable services completed correctly the first time, and we strive to always protect the environment and use only environmentally friendly tools and products.

Commercial and Residential Environmental Solutions and Remediation Services in Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess and Orange County and Beyond

All of the products and services provided by the team at Haven Property Solutions are of the highest quality and eco-friendly to ensure lasting positive impacts on the environment and you and your family. Our highly trained team of specialists have extensive local experience and attend ongoing training to understand the latest industry developments and properly incorporate the latest techniques and tools to guarantee exceptional quality and provide knowledgeable solutions.

For each project, we also conduct thorough site investigations to accurately identify past and present activities that contribute to environmental hazards.

The team at Haven Property Solutions specializes in several environmental abatement services throughout New York communities, including:

  • Mold Remediation: Mold spores are found everywhere, and with moist, warm conditions, it can create hazardous growths throughout your home, leading to structural damage and health concerns. Our team has seen it all and can quickly, safely and effectively remove and prevent all instances of mold. All of our cleaning and antimicrobial products are EPA-registered and thoroughly tested to ensure safety for the environment.
  • Asbestos Removal: Due to the durability and fire retardance of asbestos, it was a popular building material for homes, buildings and schools until the 1980s. With proper outerwear, ventilation equipment and properly separated working areas, our professionals will use eco-friendly tools and methods to scrape, glove bag or dry ice blast all materials containing asbestos.
  • Air Duct Cleaning: Over time, your home or business’s air ducts can accumulate with harmful dust and debris that can decrease air quality, worsen respiratory conditions and waste energy. Using proper HEPA vacuum equipment and EPA-registered cleaning products, our team can completely remove all debris found throughout your duct system and provide eco-friendly coating options to kill microbiological contaminants and prevent mold growth.
  • Lead Paint Removal: Lead paint is a common material found throughout millions of homes built before 1978, and without proper removal, enclosure or encapsulation techniques, it can lead to serious health effects for children and adults. At Haven Property Solutions, we are EPA Certified in Lead Abatement and RRP and follow the strictest EPA-approved removal guidelines to ensure safe and proper lead paint removal in your home.

For Quality Environmental Abatement Solutions, Trust Haven Property Solutions

Whether your home or business has signs of harmful mold, needs dangerous asbestos or lead paint removal or needs quality air duct cleaning, Haven Property Solutions can work closely with you to develop environmentally friendly abatement solutions that fit your needs and budget. We’re a fully licensed and insured, locally-owned company providing Orange County environmental services — including the Warwick, Monroe and Newburgh areas.

To ensure quality services, we also provide free project estimates and onsite inspects to guarantee quality, eco-friendly results.

Schedule our environmentally conscious abatement and remediation services today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 845-644-4033 to learn more.