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Everyday homeowners use their heating and cooling systems to create comfortable indoor environments and properly circulate air throughout their homes, but did you know that, over time, your air ducts can become built-up with dust, debris and other allergens? These conditions can greatly alter the quality of airflow, causing stress on your HVAC equipment and worsen respiratory conditions.

To keep your home’s air ducts in effective and functional condition, trust the professionals at Haven Property Solutions to perform in-depth, reliable and thorough air duct cleaning services. We specialize in air duct cleaning services for homes and businesses located throughout New York, including the Monroe, Orange County, Warwick and Newburgh communities. In addition, we also will travel to provide our services to areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on providing affordable air duct solutions for your home that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Contact Us For A Free Quote

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Important?

Just from typical daily activity throughout your home, dust, dander, chemicals and skin cells are created — this debris accumulates over time and is then circulated through your duct system, up to seven times per day. With this debris buildup, irritants can worsen respiratory conditions, allergies and autoimmune disorders while making your home less comfortable to live in. 

When you are proactive and have your air ducts regularly cleaned by a professional, you can see and feel the difference throughout your home, including:

  • A noticeably cleaner living environment
  • Reduction of lingering allergens
  • Easier breathing for you and your family
  • Removal of bad smells in air duct
  • Better and more efficient airflow, reducing energy costs

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

While dirty air ducts can cause several discomforts throughout your home, with professional air duct cleaning services performed every three to five years, you can eliminate airborne-related health concerns and prevent energy loss. Air duct cleaning services are also particularly useful if your property has recently experienced damages like a mold infestation, fire or flooding, if you’ve noticed large amounts of debris or pest infestation, if you’re a pet owner or you’re a smoker.

The costs of proper, efficient and effective residential duct cleaning services can range from $450 to $1,000, and often depend on the qualities of your home’s air ducts, including:

  • Air duct system size
  • System accessibility
  • Climate region
  • Level of contamination

Safest Methods Used to Clean Air Ducts

During air duct cleaning services, a team of two or three reputable professionals should spend at least eight to ten hours at your home properly cleaning out your duct system using state-of-the-art equipment and products to ensure thorough cleaning.

To safely and completely clean your air ducts, the team will perform the following tasks:

  • A contractor will place your air vent system under negative pressure using a special industry vacuum.
  • The vacuum will draw air through the HVAC system and equipment inserted into the ducts will then dislodge and remove debris.
  • If needed, professionals will recommend applying specialty products designed to kill microbiological contaminants, prevent mold growth or prevent the release of dirt particles or fibers from the ducts.

Residential vs. Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services

Like homes, commercial properties and buildings need to have regular air duct cleaning services to remove debris, reduce allergens and prevent premature wear and tear of HVAC equipment. While cleaning HVAC systems for residential and commercial properties is similar, commercial air ducts typically require more labor and larger equipment due to the structure and size of the system — including additional parts like inline heat coils, VAV boxes, fire dampers, internal insulation and duct boards.

Due to the construction of commercial HVAC systems, cleaning the ducts typically requires a larger team, and there are specific criteria professionals must follow to ensure proper cleaning. Haven’s team is trained and certified to ensure the highest quality air duct cleaning in your home.

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