Article 32 of the Labor Law And Code Rule 56 recommend you use a licensed inspector/assessor to determine the scope of your project!

Read below for specific guidelines


NYS Article 32 of the Labor Law, states it is unlawful for any person or company to engage, advertise or hold themselves out as a mold assessor, a mold remediation contractor / company, or even an abatement worker unless they have a valid license issued by the Commissioner of the Department of Labor with the specific title the are claiming. A licensed mold “assessor” must be hired in order to perform the initial mold assessment, testing or visual site inspection (in clear cases of contamination) to determine whether or not there is mold at a property.

Once the licensed mold assessor determines that there “is mold” at the property, the law then requires that a separate mold “remediation” contractor be hired to remove and/or remediate the mold issue.


Similarly Code Rule 56 also has specific designations for who must perform what roles on your Asbestos Project.

An Asbestos Inspector should be your first call when our trying to determine if you have asbestos

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Below are some Hudson Valley Assessors and Inspectors.

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Mold AssessorsAsbestos InspectorsAsbestos Monitors
CHB Inspections  
JPM Environmental  JPM Environmental
  McLoughlin Properties LLC 
   Paradigm Environmental Paradigm Environmental  
 Powers Environmental Powers Environmental
 Crown Environmental, LLC
Crown Environmental, LLC
Geo Environmental Co., Inc.
Geo Environmental Co., Inc.
Geo Environmental Co., Inc.
QuES&T Environmental  QuES&T Environmental  
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